2012-09-06 / News

A Gathering Place welcomes home schoolers to join free group

A Gathering Place, which offers home education support, has provided networking and educational opportunities for home educating families throughout the southern Maine area for more than 17 years.

It is open to all active home education families and is member driven. Over the years, participants have planned field trips, classes in science, geology, creative writing and yoga, as well as monthly support groups as needed, book groups, bowling and skating groups.

There have also been workshops with published authors. Among them are Pat Farenga, who worked with John Holt, and Carla Emery. Seasonal craft fairs, holiday parties and an end-of-year portfolio night have been held. The group exists to provide support and networking opportunities by tapping in to its membership of more than 160 families.

The group is activity oriented, free, open to all homeschoolers, with the only expectation that families plan or help out during at least one event during the year. Although there are many certified teachers in the group, certification is not needed to offer a class or workshop.

Three newsletters are posted each year during the first week of September, January and May, with updates in between.

For more information, visit homeschoolworld.com or email group founder Elizabeth Callahan at dellatorrecal lahan@hotmail.com

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