2013-02-14 / News

Politician encourages bipartisanship

By Kristy Wagner Staff Writer

AUGUSTA – Bipartisanship is the ultimate goal for Rep. Justin Chenette of Saco. The legislature’s youngest member has formed a legislative youth caucus he hopes will bring together Democrats and Republicans.

Currently, there is a record number of 13 members in the Maine Legislature who are younger than 30, but the caucus welcomes any state representative or senator, democrat or republican, who “aims to improve the lives of young Mainers.”

“The purpose of this caucus is to bridge the political divide between parties and set the example of strong bipartisanship for the rest of the legislature,” Chenette said in a prepared statement. “Finding solutions to the issues we face isn’t democratic or republican and legislators on both sides generally want to work together.”

Chenette will serve as the vice chairman of this newly formed caucus that will work on ways of finding common ground on issues impacting the younger generations, such as college affordability and jobs. The goal of focusing the caucus on these issues is to keep young people working and living in the state.

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