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Pedestrian accidents prompt traffic study downtown

By Molly Lovell-Keely Managing Editor

BIDDEFORD – A downtown business owner has asked for a traffic study after two people were hit by cars at the intersection of Main and Alfred streets.

Grady Sexton, owner of Grady’s Radio & Satellite TV, said at a Downtown Development Commission meeting Monday that he watched cars in the crosswalk outside his business hit two women recently and often witnesses unsafe traffic maneuvers at the intersection.

“In one instance, there was a guy coming down Alfred, looking up Main to see if there was anything coming. The girl walked in front of him and he had already started to roll. She walked into him while he was rolling,” Sexton said.

Sexton, who can see the intersection from his storefront, thinks congestion is caused by people who come up Main Street and take a left on to Alfred.

“It also happens when people want to take a left from Alfred to Main. It backs everyone up,” he said.

Police Chief Roger Beaupre said he would conduct a traffic study of the area, adding there is a study currently underway on Route 1 in Biddeford, between the car wash and Main and Elm streets. He said two traffic-counting devices have been in place at the location for about a month.

Ward 5 City Councilor Bob Mills asked if adding a stop sign to the intersection would contribute to sign congestion downtown.

“Not necessarily,” Beaupre said.

He said there used to be a stop sign on Main Street in front of Happy Dragon Restaurant and one on Alfred Street so that traffic flowed up Main Street from Saco. At some point, the stop sign outside of Happy Dragon was eliminated and a yield sign was put in place of the stop sign on Alfred Street.

Beaupre said he would conduct a study of the Main and Alfred street intersection and that it’s a good time for it considering the study that’s currently underway.

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