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Councilors: Be aware of bar’s situation

To the editor: (Addressed to Biddeford City Council)

I am writing this with regards to the pending application for an operating permit for the bar proposed by Mr. David Bourque on lower Main Street in Biddeford. I am a personal friend of Mrs. Tam Hancock,owner of Que Huong Vietnamese restaurant located two doors down from the planned bar. Mrs. Hancock and her husband also own the building next door that formerly housed Villari’s Karate Studio and an apartment.

I urge the council to deny an operating license for that endeavor. Main Street is not the place to locate a “biker bar.” Visiting Mr. Bourque’s Facebook site reveals that parking is to be on the street and in a parking lot. Hours are to be 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week. The location of the business is across from a four-story solid brick wall – imagine the sound of even one bike being fired up and echoing there. Tenants in the apartments adjacent to Bourque’s building would, I am sure, be thrilled to hear that day and night. It would also be disastrous for Mrs. Hancock’s restaurant, which would lose its existing ambiance, as well as some of its limited parking area along Main Street.

I would remind the council of the complaints that were rife in Arundel in the past years with regards to the noise from motorcycles frequent Bentley’s, a tavern located in a rural area of Arundel (on Route 1) that is frequented by motorcyclists. Main Street Biddeford, especially in the immediate area of a new proposed hotel, is not the proper site for this endeavor.

In reading news reports in local media regarding Mr. Bourque’s activities in the building without even having an occupancy permit or liquor license, I would not expect that an operating bar would be a considerate or desirable neighbor. It should also be noted that patrons and relatives of Mrs. Hancock would attest that the party was not simply a one-time, two-hour birthday party, but rather a nightly occurrence with people sitting at the bar.

I would respectfully urge the council to deny a license/ permit to that endeavor.

John Bay

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