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K’bunk art college relocates to mill

KENNEBUNK — Administrators at Heartwood College of Art announced the school will relocate to Biddeford after 20 years in Kennebunk.  President and founder Berri Kramer and her faculty, in seeking a reduction in space, as well as a more me More...


Helping the hungry

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Mayor sends ‘part II’ of update to citizens

Editor’s note: Mayor Alan Casavant’s email to constituents appears here, unedited.  Part II: Maine Energy and taxes   More...

Workshop series begins in Biddeford

The Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance has announced three new writing workshops in May and early June.  More...


Always listen to voice from within

To the editor:   “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” – Ronald Regan  More...

Resident will pay to collect signatures

To the editor:   Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre and the council need replacement.  More...

Mayor stands behind MERC

An article in last week’s Courier, “Mil rate up, MERC to blame,” was flawed, as its implications were essentially based on what I believe is false information from one councilor. More...

Things to Do

Things to Do

The Courier accepts calendar listings from nonprofit organizations. Submissions must be received 10 days prior to publication. Please email your listing to and indicate the date of your event in the reference line. More...

Old courthouse on auction block

BIDDEFORD – A building at 27 Washington St. that was built as a post office in 1913 and later served as a Maine district courthouse, will be up for auction on Monday, May 20. More...

Restaurant plans halted; coffee, book shop thrives

BIDDEFORD – Caleb Johnson, an architect and owner of the building at 265 Main St., said he is pleased with the positive impact new businesses located on his property are having on downtown. More...

News Updates

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Community News

Community News

Antiques appraisal benefits museum   Bring treasures to the Saco Museum and have them appraised by Bruce A. Buxton, one of New England’s foremost authorities on antiques, and his team of experts. More...


Politics & other Mistakes

I don’t know where I stand

When it comes to sex, there’s something ambivalent about Michael Michaud.  No, not that.  I mean Michaud’s position on abortion. Or rather his positions, since he has so many, he effectively has none at all.  More...

Le grenier de souvenances de Norman

Les Noces d’autrefois

Si vous vous souvenez des noces d’autrefois, vous apprécierez mes souvenirs là-dessus car ils sont, tout probablement, les vôtres aussi par rapport aux similarités des rites religieux et sociaux d’une ethnie appelée Franco- Américaine.&nb More...

Norman’s Attic of Memories

Weddings of yesteryear

If you remember weddings of yesteryear, you will appreciate my memories of them, for most probably yours are also like mine, due to similarities of religious and social rituals of an ethnic group called Franco-Americans.  More...

Word on the Street

Word on the Street

You can sense spring is in full swing when the Red Sox are playing every night or you look outside to see all the tell-tale colors of spring blooming up all around us. More...