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Focus on Wildlife

This image was taken three years ago to the day in Scarborough Marsh. Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) are a common sight because they eat insects and insects are everywhere! More...


July 12: Happy 6th birthday Jack Morneau, love Mom, Dad, Sophia, your Yayasand PaPoo, Grammy Nunan and your family. . . happy birthday Lucille Poisson fromBPS . . . happy birthday Brian Kearns fromGMACC. More...


The Mi’kmaq songwriter

BIDDEFORD – Amid books and twilight into night, her shoe heels clapped the ground, her fingers picked a guitar and she sang. More...


Politics & other Mistakes

Paul is dead

Join me on a tour through the graveyard of expired controversies. Here lie the once-contentious, now almost forgotten issues of the past.  More...

Beyond the Headlines

Budget compromise good, not great

If you try and craft a budget of $6.3 billion with one political party in control of both the legislative and executive branches, it comes out solely reflecting those views and values of that party.  More...

Superintendent’s future still a question mark

BIDDEFORD – With only five months left before he has to decide whether to move to Biddeford, Jeremy Ray has not indicated if he will relocate or resign as superintendent of the Biddeford school system. More...

New book offers glimpse into PTSD

BIDDEFORD – A local man who helped change how post-traumatic stress disorder is recognized among veterans released a book this month describing his experience as a soldier in Vietnam. More...

News Updates

Newest website updates:

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Saco resident to represent Maine in beauty pageant

Saco’s Kristen Korda was crowned Miss Maine last month and will compete for the 2014 Miss America title Sept. 15. More...

Community News

Community News

Local author to launch book at McArthur   More...

A tumbling success

Mind & Muscle Preschool based out of Dudziak’s Gymnastics in Biddeford graduated its first class last month. More...


Democrats to meet in Kennebunk

To the editor:  We would like to invite everyone to attend the York County Democratic Committee’s Legislative Forum on Thursday, July 18, at 6 p.m., at Kennebunk Town Hall Auditorium.  More...

Word on the Street

Word on the Street

What is one thing you cannot do without when going to the beach?

“A towel.” – Bruce Cyr, Biddeford More...

Things to Do

Things to Do

The Courier accepts calendar listings from nonprofit organizations. Submissions must be received 10 days prior to publication. Please email your listing to editor@inthecourier.com and indicate the date of your event in the reference line. More...