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Election 2013

Two seek open Ward 4 seat

Dominic Deschambault and Robert Quattrone Jr. are running for election to the Ward 4 Biddeford City Council seat. Councilor Melissa Bednarowski is not seeking reelection. Voters may vote at Richard Martin Community Center Gym on Prospect Street, Nov. 5, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. or by absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, contact the city clerk’s office at 284-9307. Surveys from candidates appear here in alphabetical order.

Name: Dominic Deschambault

Age: 29

Address: 9 Porter St.

Family: Mother, Susan Deschambault

Prior Political Experience: None

Volunteer/Community Involvement: Election Ward Worker 2001 – 2012, Biddeford Parks and Rec Summer Camp counselor.

Why you are running for office: I know I am wellsuited to represent the good people of Ward 4. My deep sense of community pride urges me to give back to the place I grew up in and plan on remaining. Passion and dedication to the city of Biddeford are the driving forces behind my efforts toward becoming the next Ward 4 city councilor. My view of a good city councilor is of one who is reasonable, rational, relatable, respectful, reflective and responsible. I believe in transparency. Effective communication is essential in spreading information, not opinion. Effective communication involves a willingness to listen to everyone and all sides. Being open-minded and compassionate will serve me well when making decisions in the best interest of the community.

What is your vision for economic development in Biddeford?

My vision for Biddeford’s economic development is one of growth and prosperity. We have a vast amount of resources around us, including existing infrastructure and an award-winning local college. With proper utilization of these resources, we can apply ourselves as southern Maine’s center of business for years to come. The students of UNE enjoy Biddeford. By finding ways to meet their skills and career aspirations, they can become long-time residents of our community and contribute to a growing economy. Attracting new industries that cater to the world we live in today is a key step in achieving this. I also believe the continued efforts of revitalizing our downtown area is important. A focus on helping locally owned businesses succeed will show great progress.

Name: Robert Quattrone Jr.

Age: 41

Address: 7 Vincent Ave.

Family: wife, Jessica and two sons, Bryce, age 3 and Brady, age 1 1/2

Political Experience: I have never run for office before. However, I attend all council meetings and stay current with city issues.

Volunteer/Community involvement: I volunteer with the La Kermesse Festival. My duties are to assist the president (my wife) so that she may effectively organize the many activities that are needed to run the festival.

Why you are running for office: First of all, I’m truly grateful that the Biddeford-Saco Courier has provided this opportunity for the candidates to share who we are as people and candidates.

The question posed to us, “Why are you running for office?” is one that I can sum up in 250 words. In fact, I can do it in one. People! No doubt, there are issues that are pressing in Biddeford. But when all said and done, PEOPLE are what truly matter most of all.

There are people like Cecile Lambert who keep a watchful eye on my home when my family is away. It’s the Roberges on Hill Street and other families just like them who are hardworking and are affected by the slightest increase in the mil rate. It’s the seniors at Prospect Manor who let me in their homes so I could get out of the rain. These are just a small sample of the people that I’ve met. It is people like these that make me want to work for them at city hall.

I was recently asked by someone, “what is my ambition.” I answered, “To serve my neighbors.” It’s really that simple. On Nov. 5, please vote. Take care and God bless.

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