2014-01-30 / Letters

Pray for letter writer

To the editor:

To those who read Mr. Phil Ryan’s reply (“Reader: shame on letter writer and newspaper,” Jan. 16 Courier). to my letter about immorality as shown by the birth announcements, I wish to state that I did not call anyone a bastard, nor did I call parents of illegitimate children sexual deviants. If Mr. Ryan does not like a word or definition in the dictionary, I suggest that he complain to Noah Webster. If he is unable to understand written English, I recommend that he go back to school. I asked questions. If Mr. Ryan does not like the answers to these questions, I submit that he has a problem.

If he thinks this immorality is not a sign of our decaying civilization, I will pray for him.

Let the gentle reader decide for himself if my letter contains any “filth” or “ignorance.” Frank Novotny Biddeford

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