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Homeless population in Biddeford more than expected

BIDDEFORD – A survey conducted of the city’s homeless population revealed that the number is higher than anticipated. More...

Focus on Wildlife

Bats can’t thrive in cold weather, care provided

When the cold weather comes, bats must seek out a place to hibernate. This bat took up residence in a house, but when his hibernation was disturbed he was brought to the Center for Wildlife. More...

Bowling center still accepting boots to donate to charity organization

Local communities have rallied to donate warm, gently used boots for children and, to date, visitors to Vacationland Bowling & Recreation Center in Saco have offered nearly 100 pair of boots for distribution at Old Orchard Beach’s Salvation More...

Word on the Street

Word on the Street

What spring activity do you look forward to?

“I’m looking forward to being outside. I coach rugby at University of New England and I’m looking forward to getting out there. More...

Things to Do

Things to Do

The Courier accepts calendar listings from nonprofit organizations. Submissions must be received 10 days prior to publication. Please email your listing to and indicate the date of your event in the reference line. More...

Mill owner cracks down on parking

Meanwhile, city sued over referendum question about parking meters

BIDDEFORD – As the city faces a legal challenge to the wording of a referendum question regarding parking meters, downtown shoppers are being warned to cease parking in private lots at Pepperell Mill Campus.  More...

Super won’t get extra pay to lead Dayton schools

BIDDEFORD – The Biddeford School Committee voted Friday, Feb. More...

News Updates

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Politics & other Mistakes

Have you heard this song before?

Can you name the Maine politician who said this?  “At a time when American workers are facing new challenges, efforts must be made to enhance opportunities for prosperity and economic success.”  More...

Library Links

What is your favorite outfit – ever?

When you think back over the years of your life, is there some outfit that you once wore that you loved? What was it? Why did you love it? More...


Camp Ellis bill was a team effort

To the editor:   More...

Letter writer has message for Republicans

To the editor:   Now I know what is wrong with you, Conrad Boisvert, and I think Frank Novotny is affected with the same brain-killing disease. It’s called Fox News.  More...

Zip code is an issue

To the editor:   Last year I had trouble receiving some very important mail. At first my thought was that the post office was not delivering mail correctly. But upon further investigation, that was far from being true. More...