2015-04-16 / Letters

Public works crew did top-notch work

To the editor:

Now that Old Man Winter has perhaps decided to move on and stop afflicting us until next year, I am taking some time to express my extreme satisfaction with the snow removal efforts carried out by the Biddeford Public Works Department this past winter. With one to two snowstorms per week (week after week), this presented an ongoing monumental task.

I appreciate the expeditious manner in which the main roads and sidewalks were cleared and maintained during and after each big snowfall. I am also thankful for the systematic removal of the mountains of snow along the sides of major streets. This was not the case in some other municipalities.

Mr. Guy Casavant and his personnel are to be commended for the exceptional manner in which they have performed their difficult jobs during this harsh winter. As a Biddeford homeowner and taxpayer, I just wanted them to know that their hard work has been noticed and is appreciated. Thank you!

Terry Schmidt Biddeford

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