2015-05-14 / Letters

Shame on Saco councilors; others did the right thing

To the editor:

Last week the Saco City Council responded to efforts by the Saco Citizens for Sensible Government to allow citizens the opportunity to openly communicate with the city council during a public comment section on the agenda. Congratulations to our mayor, Don Pilon and council members Bette Brunswick, David Precourt, Kevin Roche and Nathan Johnson. Shame to the other three councilors who negatively opined that in the past the only persons who came to speak at a public comment section were unstable people wanting special attention and taking up too much time. Perhaps instead of initiating a form of control such as removing the public comment section, our leadership could have implemented an improved guideline? Surely the democratic process has been lost among them. Saco deserves better.

Historically, public input at council meetings has been limited to public hearing items solely. Even though you may call or email the mayor or your council representative, there is no place on the agenda for the public to hear about these written communications that could be relevant to the public hearing topic. Especially troubling is the fact that when a published public hearing item is on the agenda no question may be asked to further understand the subject at hand. The mayor has been told that this is not a time for questions or answers. Is this policy written on the agenda so that the public is informed about how to interact? No. Please be kinder to those who politely question agenda items that affect their lives.

The Saco Citizens for Sensible Government invite your thoughts and participation. Help us make your government more responsive and transparent. We meet monthly at city hall on the second Thursday at 7 p.m. We can be reached on Facebook at Saco Citizens for Sensible Government.

Scott Thibeau, chairman Saco Citizens for Sensible Government

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