2015-12-10 / News

Commission to convene Dec. 17

By Ben Meiklejohn Staff Writer

BIDDEFORD – A new slate of city officials were scheduled to be inaugurated Tuesday, Dec. 8, at City Theater, with a reception afterward at City Hall.

They comprised: nine elected city councilors, Mayor Alan Casavant, seven school committee members and nine members of the charter revision commission, two of whom were Casavant nominees.

Casavant nominated Bruce Benway and Daniel Boucher to the charter revision commission on Dec. 1 and the city council confirmed the selections.

While the council agenda originally indicated that Benway was to be appointed chairman of the commission, he was only appointed as a member after elected commissioners informed councilors that statutes allowed them to select their own chairman.

“He did the right thing, thank God,” said Paul Therrien, the elected commissioner from Ward 2, on Casavant changing Benway’s appointment from chairman to member.

City Clerk Carmen Morris has scheduled an organizational meeting for the charter revision commission at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17 in council chambers at City Hall. Morris, who is required by statute to schedule to commission’s first meeting, has set an agenda for the commissioners, which includes the election of the commission’s chairman, vice chairman and secretary.

The commission must also adopt rules for conduct of its meetings, determine frequency of meetings and discuss whether to request an allocation of funds from the city and how to proceed with reviewing the city charter.

The other elected commissioners are Vincent Keely in Ward 1; Raymond Tardif, Ward 3; Dominic Deshcambault, Ward 4; Stephanie Parker, Ward 5; Robert Provencher, Ward 6 and Bernard Neveux in Ward 7.

Morris said the commission will have to discuss whether to televise the meetings on public access.

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