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Helping Seniors is what we Love – that’s what Senior Planning Center is all about.

The Center, headquartered in Farmington, Maine with Agents throughout Maine and New Hampshire is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to insurance and financial planning for seniors. Its recent partnership with Kathy Kotakis of Secure Healthcare Planning out of Ogunquit now allows seniors in southern Maine and New Hampshire to benefit from a number of services, making Senior Planning Center the State’s #1 Senior Resource.

“We help individuals find state and federally funded programs to reduce expenditures as it applies to Medicare and prescription drug coverage,” Kotakis said. “We also help with long-term care, insurance and retirement planning.” Kotakis not only works with individuals, but she often travels throughout Maine and New Hampshire offering workshops to groups entitled, “Medicare Made Clear,” or “Medicare 101.” Additionally, Kathy will be providing a Bonus workshop regarding “4 Ways to save Money on your Medicare expenses with the Medicare Buy In Program”. This program helps saves Seniors money on Medicare expenses. It’s important to note that NOTHING will be sold at the workshops that are often held at senior centers, assisted living facilities, libraries and housing authorities. “They’re strictly educational,” Kathy said. Kotakis said “the subject of Medicare is confusing to most folks.” “People have to be educated on understanding the components of Medicare before making a decision – we try to educate before we present solutions to people”, adding that the organization often works with low income seniors and does a great deal of their work at NO cost. A big need in 2016 is helping seniors drive down the cost of the premiums of their prescription drug coverage and finding plans that will help them in the long term. Kotakis said seniors often find this stage in their lives to be an emotional one, and the decisions they have to make about their health and money are often confusing. “All of a sudden, someone is transitioning from an employee group insurance plan or the Affordable Care Act and they’re facing the challenges of, ‘What do I do now? and ‘How do I avoid penalties?’” Kotakis said. “We really break it down for the average individual.” Staff at Senior Planning Center provide unbiased opinions to seniors in Maine and New Hampshire and they work on behalf of the client to find best balance of costs and services. It’s also important to note that Kathy and The Senior Planning Center work with clients of ALL ages. Kotakis, a southern Maine resident, has been in the senior planning business since 2008 and has an MBA in Leadership from Franklin Pierce.

For more information, call 207-332-6732 or email kkotakis@maine.rr.com www.seniorplanningcenter.com

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