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Shaheen and Gordon, P.A.

Shaheen & Gordon, P.A., formerly Smith & Elliott, is the local Maine law rm with regional resources. Our legal team and scope of practice have expanded, and we are focused on serving the people of York County with the same spirit that the rm was founded upon: putting our clients rst. We continue to build upon Smith & Elliott’s more than 65 years of legal experience, now with even more ways to address your legal needs.

We have Maine ofces in Saco and Portland, and New Hampshire ofces in Dover, Concord, Manchester and Meredith. Our practice areas include personal injury, family law, real estate, immigration, health care, criminal and civil defense, DWI, workers’ compensation, employment matters, mediation, wills, trusts and estates, and corporate and commercial representation. Shaheen & Gordon is a full service law rm serving institutional and individual clients throughout northern New England. For more information, visit www.shaheengordon.com.

Law Ofce of Joseph Mekonis

Attorney Mekonis has been practicing criminal defense in Maine since 1999. He received his undergraduate degree from The University of Chicago in 1985 and his J.D. from The Wake Forest School of Law in North Carolina in 1989.

Attorney Mekonis began his solo practice 2004 focusing exclusively on Criminal Defense. Areas of expertise include: Bail, Probation, Warrant Recall, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Assault, Drug Cases, OUI, Alcohol Offenses, Habitual Offender, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Criminal Appeals, Post-Conviction Review and Habeas Corpus.

His philosophy is to fully advise clients regarding the law, criminal procedure, evidence issues and trial strategy; to prepare thoroughly as if every case were going forward to trial; and to negotiate with the Prosecutor from a position of strength.

Visit www.attorneymekonis.com or call 207-283-6610.

How elder care attorneys make great assets

Few people want to imagine growing old, but a time comes in every person’s life when he or she must begin planning for their golden years, including making arrangements regarding their healthcare and housing. Elder planning can be confusing, but having an experienced, knowledgeable person on your side can make all the difference.

Elder care attorneys can offer expertise in areas of managed care and government plans that can help individuals retain more of their personal assets, even when their ability to control those assets is compromised. Any lawyer can create a will and draw up an estate plan. Elder lawyers are well versed in programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and can help clients navigate their way through other potentially complex issues and programs as well.

Elder care attorneys and those who specialize in estate planning may have specic knowledge of any or all of the following areas: • Social Security and disability claims and appeals • preservation of assets • tax planning • conservatorships and guardianships • elder abuse and fraud recovery • housing issues and nursing home placement • estate administration • managed care

According to the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc., nding an elder care or special needs attorney can take a little research. Specialized senior groups like AARP or groups advocating for certain diseases, may be able to offer information regarding local elder care attorneys. You also can consult with an attorney you trust and ask for a recommendation. You may want to choose a NAELA Member Attorney so you can rest easy knowing the attorney is meeting national standards. You may also seek referrals from friends or family members.

If nances are a concern, address these concerns with the attorney. Some will charge hourly or offer a at fee. Rates may be negotiable, and keep in mind that the money spent on retaining an attorney may pale in comparison to nances that could be wasted by going through the legal process alone.

Elder care attorneys can help seniors and their heirs navigate the confusing waters of estate planning and managed care.

Webb Law Firm

Attorney John Webb of the Webb Law Firm defends citizens accused in Maine of engaging in criminal activity. Our mission is to protect your constitutional rights and deliver the best legal defense available. We believe that every citizen is entitled to a zealous and complete legal defense.

Whatever your legal problem, do not hesitate to call. John Webb has been practicing in York County for almost 25 years and if he doesn’t know the answer he will send you to the person that can help.

If you require legal assistance, contact us now at 207-283-6400. Webb Law is located at 16 Middle Street in Saco, Maine, right behind the Saco Post Ofce. A wide variety of times are available, consultations can also be done by phone if necessary.

Furman Gregory Deptula – SEC JOINS THE CROWD

In 2012, President Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act which provided for a fundraising mechanism geared towards start-ups and growth companies – Crowdfunding. In October 2015, the SEC issued the nal rules for this Crowdfunding mechanism. Crowdfunding permits start-up and growth companies to access the general public for their capital needs. Maine joined the majority of other states launching their respective crowdfunding regulations in January 2015. FGD, as a matter of practice, already incorporates many of these requirements in our representation of clients raising capital. If you are interested in discussing whether or not a crowdfunding campaign is proper for your business, please contact us and we will walk you through the new regulations. About Furman Gregory Deptula

Furman Gregory Deptula has decades of experience in the commercialization of technology, including the business, tax, and other aspects of strategic growth. It advises business at all levels of the nancial spectrum, as well as their founders and employees. Furman Gregory Deptula, has ofces in Biddeford, Maine, and both Boston and Manchester By The Sea, Massachusetts. Furman Gregory Deptula-- Where Smart Growth MattersĀ®. Visit us at www.fgd-law.com

Law Ofce of J. Scott Logan, LLC

A native Mainer, I was raised in Kennebunk, graduated from Kennebunk High School and Bowdoin College before attending Boston College Law School. After a brief sojourn, I returned to my home state and have practiced consumer and small business bankruptcy law for over ten years. Dealing with debt is always stressful. I try to offer one on one service to help you overcome credit card debt, income taxes, student loans, foreclosures and medical debts. Whether we need to eliminate credit card and medical bills through Chapter 7 or a negotiated settlement, restructure business or tax debt in chapter 13, modify a mortgage loan through the state courts or through chapter 13 or chapter 12 for lobstermen, negotiate a settlement on crushing student loan debt, or pursue creditors for harassment or bankruptcy law violations, I am here to help you. PLEASE Call my ofce at 699-1314 or visit my website, www.southernmainebankruptcy.com, so we can get started on the process of solving all your nancial burdens.

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