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Maine’s Re-Insulation Pros

When founding Home Snuggers in 2011, Mark Walker knew many people could be skeptical about what his company was promising – a superior method to insulate homes saving energy costs and increasing comfort. Now, four years and hundreds of customers later, Walker said the results speak for themselves.

Home Snuggers is the only company in Maine licensed to offer RetroFoam™, a proven environmentally friendly foam imported from Scandinavia. That makes it easy to insulate and

Working from outside the house, the brick, and even if there is old insulation present.

“We know how to build new homes for energy they need to do is to replace their windows. But choice. It can be almost impossible to convince people otherwise; it’s been the conventional wisdom for so long,” Walker said.

“When you think about it, the greatest part of your building envelope in overall square feet is often not the windows, or even the roof — it’s the walls.”

Walker said, with closed cavities like walls technology, becomes the easiest.” And it does all that with no hassle.

According to Michael Brokordt, Home Snugger’s Marketing Manager, most homes can be “snugged” in a single day. And, since RetroFoam™ is ecofriendly, people do not need to vacate their home while Home Snuggers technicians work. In fact, technicians don’t wear gloves or other protection during the install, a rarity with foam insulation.

“Home Snuggers has proven the method can be much less a hassle than many imagine and can make an enormous improvement in just a day,” Walker said.

Brokordt said the homes Home Snuggers works on are done.

“The homes are tested pre and post so the customer is assured we have done a good job,” Brokordt said.

Jeffrey C., of Lisbon Falls, is one of the homeowners Home Snuggers has helped over the years.

“They answered all my questions and did a fantastic job, cutting no corners during installation. house was left in the same condition as when they arrived,” he wrote.

The results, he wrote, were noticeable. “Since the install I have noticed my furnace running less… my units also run less to cool my home. to various folks I know. My pay back should be in as little as three to four years.”

About a year ago, Home Snuggers began servicing commercial buildings after many customers inquired and urged the company to do so.

Results, Brokordt said, can be “life changing.” Homeowners always enjoy a quieter, more evenly heated, less drafty house, often with annual energy savings of 30 to 40 percent, in part because RetroFoam™ also keeps homes cooler in the summer, and helps to cut down on air conditioning electric bills.

Home Snuggers, based in Windham on Roosevelt Trail, serves much of the state. For more information, visit homesnuggers.com or call

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