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NASSON Health Care

For the last decade, Nasson Health Care, located at 15 Oak St. in Springvale, has taken a team approach to providing comprehensive health care for children and adults throughout York County.

“Nasson Health Care is a community health center. There is a national model of how health centers operate that we follow,” said Martin Sabol, Nasson Health Care’s director of health services. “We offer medical, behavioral health and dental services in an integrated fashion. We have finely skilled staff members who work collaboratively.”

“Each discipline”, Sabol said, “uses the same information system, so doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians and dental professionals have a complete list of a patient’s medications, allergies and immunizations.”

“We have access to all the information about a patient that we need to know. It is all centralized,” said Mary Jeralds, Nasson Health Care’s clinical nurse manager. “This helps staff help patients with preventative care and management of chronic conditions.”

The collaborative relationship between health care professionals makes for a much more convenient option for patients who may need to have medical, dental or behavioral services performed. It is not, however, required that patients get all their medical needs met through Nasson Health Care.

“Once they are comfortable coming to one place, it becomes a home to them,” said Robert Grace, Nasson Health Care’s dental director.

Nasson Health Care, which serves patients from throughout York County, is one of the few medical providers that is accepting new patients. The center has been located at its current facility for the last three years and operates satellite locations in Alfred, the student health center at Noble High School in North Berwick and at Maine Behavioral Healthcare facilities in Springvale and Biddeford, where Nasson is beginning to offer more primary care services.

“We understand there’s a great need for our services in Biddeford and we’re interested in doing more for that community,” Sabol said. Nasson Health Care has opened a state of the art dental office on the upper level of its building after running out of space on the main floor, where the medical and behavioral offices are located.

“We were growing fast and we recognized the need for more space. To have more clinicians to serve more patients, we needed more space and more treatment rooms,” Grace said.

The health center continues to grow, especially in regards to dental services.

Two thirds of Nasson’s patients live in the Sanford, Alfred and Lebanon areas, so to accommodate their needs, the organization conducts regular needs assessments to see where needs are going unmet. Of particular concern are those with low incomes or who have difficulty keeping up with medical bills.

“We see people regardless of their ability to pay. We take insurances, but we also have a sliding fee discount scale for those who need it,” Sabol said. “Staff is also committed to helping patients stay healthy between medical visits.”

“People’s well-being, longevity and quality of life is drawn from a number of determinants. Only a small part of that is medical services,” he said. Such factors include safe housing, transportation, diet, physical activity and steering clear of tobacco and heavy alcohol use. To that end, Nasson Health Care works with patients on self-care planning to figure out how best to prevent problems and manage them when they occur.

For more information, visit nassonhealthcare.org or call 490-6900.

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