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Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre

February marks 36 years that Dr. Ellie Rolnick has been providing the community with wellness and chiropractic care through Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Biddeford. While many ideas are the same, there’s also a great deal that has evolved.

“In the earlier days of my practice, we really believed that when people had back or neck pain, that it was due to a bone being out of place,” she said. “What we recognize now is that it’s denitely more of a global kind of thing.”

Dr. Ellie, and others in her eld, now know that our bodies process stress in a way that could lead to pain syndromes and other health issues. She said there are three types of stress – physical, chemical (what we put into our bodies) and emotional.

“For some people, it’s unrelenting. Their body begins to break down,” Dr. Ellie said. “Thirty-six years ago I felt my job was to realign the spine to take pressure off a nerve and allow the body to heal itself, now it’s more of reducing that nerve interference through specic adjustments to the spine and other parts of the body, and helping my patients understand how they’re recreating the problem, the stress.”

Dr. Ellie likes to think of herself as a guide. Whether she’s recommending a different diet, more sleep or exercising more regularly, she said some people just need to be made aware of the tools that are available to them to change their lifestyles and allow them to be and feel healthier. In addition to chiropractic care, Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre offers massage therapy, Reiki and soon, yoga classes, through Jennifer Alcorn.

“Massage therapy is a great adjunct to chiropractic – it helps to reduce stress and it helps to alleviate some of the tightness and tension in muscles that build up from bad habits or stressful situations,” Dr. Ellie said. “My patients who do a combination seem to get great results.”

Alcorn’s new yoga classes will be geared toward both beginners and those who are more advanced. She will also offer a seated yoga class for people who are unable to get down onto the foor.

To learn more about offerings at Rolnick Chiropractic Wellness Centre, located at 413 Alfred St., in Biddeford, call 283-1168.

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