2016-03-10 / Community News

Courthouse bill heads to Senate for approval

A bill by Sen. Linda Valentino to construct a modern, consolidated courthouse in York County won the bipartisan endorsement of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee last week.

“I’m thankful for the committee’s support and look forward to this bill’s passage in the full Legislature,” Valentino said. “This vote shows what can happen when local, county and state officials get together to do the right thing for our communities. The people of York County deserve a safe, modern and efficient access to justice. This bill will get them there.”

The bill, LD 1528, “An Act to Modernize and Consolidate Court Facilities,” would provide funding for a new courthouse in York County and create a “York County Courthouse Site Selection Commission,” which will deliberate on where in York County the new courthouse should be located. It would include a bipartisan group of local lawmakers, county officials, judicial officials, law enforcement, local attorneys and designees of the governor.

The bill also provides funding for courthouse modernization in Waldo and Oxford counties.

The bill has the support of Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justice Leigh Saufley, Gov. Paul LePage, local and county-level officials in York County, and local and county-level law enforcement.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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