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Tough authors never smile

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by Melanie Taylor Coombs

Dewey Andreas is the ultimate tough guy. He can thwart terrorist attacks and stage a coup d’etat to overthrow a foreign government. Rumor is, he can even pull a bullet out of his shoulder and stitch up the wound while biting down on a rag. Honestly, in a battle between Dirk Pitt, Jack Reacher and Dewey Andreas, I don’t know who would win.

To many of you the above paragraph will make no sense, if you are at home chuckling to yourself, you like to read tough guy books. To those of you who do not know the characters above, picture blockbuster, thriller films with car chases and stuff blowing up. In short, a whole lot of fun. Our staff is dedicated to keeping you reading, so if you do like political thrillers, here are some authors to try. Book descriptions are from Novelist Plusm, a fantastic reader’s resource available for use from Maine Marvel.

“Power Down” by Ben Coes. First book in the Dewey Andreas Series. When terrorists destroy a major North American hydroelectric dam and a huge off-shore oil field, former Army ranger and Delta Dewey Andreas draws on his extensive background to foil the efforts of a corrupt agent to trigger a second set of attacks.

“The Teeth of the Tiger” by Tom Clancy. First book in the Jack Ryan Series. This series of fast-paced political thrillers stars Jack Ryan, Jr., son of fictional U.S. president Jack Ryan. The novels follow Ryan, Jr.’s exploits as a patriotic operative working for The Campus – an independent intelligence agency – fighting terrorists, drug lords, and enemy nations. Intricately plotted and suspenseful, each successive volume puts the fate of the world at stake. “The Lions of Lucerne” by Brad Thor. First book in the Scot Harvath Series. Hypereffective Scot Harvath, an intensely patriotic intelligence and counter terrorism specialist, defends America in these pulse-pounding political thrillers. While enemies strive to inflict damage on his country, even attempting total destruction, Harvath is willing to pay any price necessary to uncover their twisted plots and take them down. These suspenseful novels are violent and full of non-stop action.

“American Assassin” by Vince Flynn. First book in the Mitch Rapp Series. Undercover CIA counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp rebels against red tape and standard operating procedure to thwart terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

“Killing Floor” by Lee Child. First book in the Jack Reacher Series. Formerly a member of the military police, and now something of a drifter, Jack Reacher finds trouble wherever he goes but sticks around long enough to make things right.

Stop by McArthur Library to check out these fun authors. If you like to read in series order, let us borrow any title we don’t own quickly and easily through the Minerva system. We are happy to request large print or audio materials if you prefer. Want to access Novelist Plus? Give us a call at 284-4181 or visit our website www.mcarthurlibrary.org, click MARVEL! on the right side of the page, scroll down to Novelist Plus. From home you will need to create a password by following the instructions under the Getting Started tab.

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Melanie Taylor Coombs is adult services supervisor/ librarian at McArthur Public Library.

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