2016-03-10 / Letters

Caucus in Biddeford happened because of many

To the editor:

The Biddeford Municipal Democratic Caucus was held at Biddeford Middle School on Sunday. The final tally of delegates awarded was 30 for Bernie Sanders, 17 for Hilary Clinton, and one undecided. For working both weekend days registering voters, I’d like to thank the city clerk’s office, led by Carmen Morris; and for and extensive setup and teardown efforts, the custodial staff, led by Phil Radding. Priscilla McGuire, Bil Moriarty, Ken Putney, Pam Fenrich and Dick Lambert were invaluable in their efforts to organize and run the event. Volunteers including Nate Bean, Amy Grohman, Megan Michaud, Ron Paquette and Mary Ternus helped greet and check in more than 400 voters. I’d also like to recognize the Biddeford Singers for their wonderful rendition of our National Anthem.

Lastly, I want to be sure to acknowledge all of those who agreed to serve as delegates. I appreciate their willingness to ensure that the voices of Biddeford voters will be heard at the state convention that will be held May 6-7 in Portland.

Many thanks to all who contributed to a successful event.

Martin Grohman State Representative House District 12 Biddeford

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