2016-03-10 / Letters

Hospital? You can’t get there from here

To the editor:

Please show your concern by attending the Planning Board Meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 10 at Old Orchard Beach Town Hall. You, the residents of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park, are needed.

Here is just one of many critical safety concerns: There will be a narrowing from two lanes to one lane in front of Dunkin Donuts when going west, out to I-195. This exit from Old Orchard Beach is crucial for the fire/medic trucks, because it is the shortest route to either of the two closest hospitals. This is obviously a threat to our public safety.

The developer’s reply is, “The ambulance can drive up on the pedestrian island curb or the sidewalk because neither curb is granite.” What if pedestrians are on this island waiting to cross, what then? And since it’s a major road, shouldn’t the curbs be granite to protect the pedestrians?

This works until traffic is stopped along the 50-foot portion squeezed down to one lane, with a delivery truck, a giant RV, or a bus. What then?

Why is the Planning Board putting the chance to buy a box of doughnuts over and above the health and safety of our community residents?

Helene Whittaker, Libby Blackman Old Orchard Beach

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