2016-03-24 / Letters

City manager’s actions are hurting Biddeford

To the editor:

I sincerely hope the council can take a stand and reel in the new Biddeford city manager, Jim Bennett, before he totally destroys our city. One must remember that there were three municipalities who celebrated when he left. None were sad to see him leave. It must have been for good reason.

What sense does it make to put our health and welfare director on paid administrative leave because he wants to move that entire department to codes? Vickie Edgerly has done more for the residents of Biddeford than this guy could ever try to accomplish.

I’m sure codes is thrilled to now take on DHS, general assistance and many of the other health and welfare issues that arise in Biddeford. Now codes can go back to school to receive their medical degrees.

Someone better reel in this new manager before he dismantles what we have spent the last several years building up. Guess we can look on the bright side in that his contract does come up for renewal.

Donald Harper Biddeford

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