2016-03-31 / Letters

Resident says it’s difficult for opinions to be heard

To the editor:

I am sending you this letter because I feel like I don’t have any way to voice concerns that residents and I have without our city officials discrediting us or silencing us.

I was shocked when Biddeford City Manager Jim Bennett approached me at a recent council meeting to request I take down a post on a Facebook page I run, Visions of Biddeford-Saco Communities. I was even more shocked to see him walk over to the mayor to let him know he took care of it. I had posted an incorrect budget number, which I later clarified.

I take seriously what I post on social media and I do my best to use it for good. I maintain this page totally for free. I have been offered free things and payment but I always refuse because I do it to help the community, not for personal gain. It’s this same spirit that I call out issues when I see them.

I was ridiculed when I tried to raise red flags on a local business that could have saved a lot of pain. I am currently being ridiculed because I am raising flags about drugs and taxpayer money being wasted. I don’t claim I’m always right but I do believe that I have the right to put my opinion out there and I wish opinions of common folks like me would be taken seriously instead of ignored. The special meeting about restructuring city government was a good example. Hundreds of people expressed support for rejecting the plan but very few showed up. Why? Because they are intimidated and people will continue to be intimidated as long as this behavior by city officials is allowed to continue.

Dennis Munroe Biddeford

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