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Watchdog group outlines budget meetings

To the editor:

Saco Citizens for Sensible Government, the city administrator and superintendent encourage all residents to attend budget upcoming presentations. There are a number of meetings and workshops regarding the annual budget process. The presentations by departments have been broken down in order for all to obtain information but not be overwhelmed.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Winston Churchill

March 28: City Administrator Kevin Sutherland and Superintendent Dominic DePatsy will present budgets to the city council. Budget details will be posted on the city website. The link can be found under the finance department: http://www.sacomaine.org/departments/ finance/finance.shtml.

April 4: Budget workshop for the following city departments: Water Resource Recovery, parks and recreation, assessing, city clerk, building inspection and maintenance, public works and administration.

April 11: Budget workshop for school budget, capital program and fee schedule.

April 19: Council/ budget workshop: IT, fire/ambulance, planning, economic development, Dyer Library, Saco Main Street, Sh-Zoom (shuttle bus), police and finance.

May 2: City council presents city and school budgets. Public comments are welcomed, come prepared to ask questions and voice concerns. You have a voice.

May 9: City council votes on the budget. Amendments to any budget are up for discussion. The public may comment on specific amendments only.

June 14: Special election is held on the school budget to approve or disapprove. Should the voters reject the school budget, it reverts to the school board for action, then to the council and voters.

Reach out to school board or council members with your concerns. School board members’ contact information: http://sacoschools.org/school-board/ or call the superintendent’s office at 284-4505, ext. 22. City councilors’ contact information: http://www.sacomaine.org/infocenter/contacts-mayorcouncil.shtml or call the city clerk’s office at 284-4831.

Please contact Saco Citizens for Sensible Government at input@SacoCitizens.org with questions, comments or additional information. John Harkins, chairman Saco Citizens for Sensible Government

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