2016-04-07 / Letters

Don’t let it happen in our communities

To the editor:

A disturbing wave of intolerance is permeating the country and threatening our institutions, culture and form of government. We hear hateful, vicious attacks against women, religious and ethnic groups. Leading candidates for president promise torture, carpet-bombing overseas, new laws restricting freedom of the press and the deporting of 12 million American immigrants and their families. It is frightening that such things could happen.

In the city of Saco, and throughout the state of Maine, we need to stand together now to affirm our values, that we will not discriminate, we will not allow our state or country to be turned into bastions of hate and violence. We will not condone torture anywhere in the world. And we will not allow crimes to be committed against immigrants. We have to speak out to protect our heritage and way of life. We are in a grave crisis, and silence is our enemy.

Stephen Shiman Saco

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