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Biddeford lost more than a position when director let go

To the editor:

I am appalled by the way the city manager has handled the health and welfare director’s administrative leave. To put someone on a leave of absence and then escort her out of the building like a criminal is not the way to treat anyone. This unprofessional behavior has negatively impacted the morale of the rest of the city’s employees. None of them can feel safe or secure in their jobs with this type of management going on.

It is well known that restructuring is how businesses make changes. The city of Biddeford has to make restructuring choices and decisions as we move forward. Jim Bennett’s way is not the right way to restructure the departments of Biddeford.

If the director of health and welfare was fired she could go and start applying for a new job. If she was laid off she could apply for unemployment. Instead, Vicky Edgerly was put on administrative leave and now is in employment limbo. The result is insulting, confusing and downright unfair. Ms. Edgerly has served the community and the people of Biddeford for 27 years. She is now left with frustrating questions about her employment, questions about her health insurance still being active and even questions about her retirement status. This business move is not how we demonstrate appreciation for one who has served our community for so long.

This arbitrary removal of the targeted department director cannot be the best way of saving money for the city. It is illogical to believe that relieving Vicky of her position will save the city anything in the long run. This decision to remove the department director is detrimental to the city. The city needs the health and welfare department to remain efficient and to continually serve the needs of our residents.

Ms. Edgerly has been a savior to many residents over the years. She has looked after the people of Biddeford and kept residents off the streets. Many of our residents would have died on the street or in someone’s doorway had Vicky not been in the position to help and serve. She has been called by DHHS, Area Agency on Aging, Seeds of Hope, churches, police, fire personnel, the codes department and countless others. She has helped them all. Director of health and welfare was never a 9 to5 job to Ms.Edgerly. She has been on call 24 hours a day for the last 27 years.

She will be sadly missed by many people in the city. She has done more for this city than the people with very short memories will ever imagine. I just hope city leaders don’t regret this action down the road.

Anne Daly Biddeford

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