2016-04-14 / Letters

Candidate has special relationship with the public

To the editor:

Remember when your mother would go out of her way to protect you? Think back to some of the crazy things she did for you.

My mom got in a pushing and shoving match with a lady over the last swing set on clearance. My mom won and my sister and I got the swing set. She did it for us, her children.

My wife Suzie ran through a huge crowd on a cold November morning to catch a paper turkey dropped from a helicopter, all while she was 8 months pregnant. She looked like a beached whale. There was the time she went to the toy store, crying that she lost her rain check, (which she never had) for a Nintendo that was sold out all over the place, so Santa Claus could leave it under the tree for our children.

Now close your eyes and take a minute to think of a crazy thing your mother did for you. Maybe it was something she did to protect you. Whatever it was, you know it was done out of love, a mother’s love. We, the people of Biddeford, are very lucky we all have a second mother, someone who some people might think does a crazy thing or two, but she does it out of love, that special mother’s love. She protects all the people of Biddeford, as if each one of us were her children. She wants us to have the opportunity to have good paying jobs, clean air and good education. She watches over her flock, not for what’s in her interest, but what’s in the interest of her children, those being the lucky people of Biddeford. The person that I speak of is no other then Joanne Twomey. I bet a lot of you guessed it. So when you go to the polls in June, think of your mother, think of your mother’s love, her protection. She did it for you. Joanne will continue to protect us and do what is right. She has that special mother’s love for all of us in Biddeford. Joanne Twomey is needed, now more then ever.

Karl Reed Sr. Biddeford

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