2016-04-14 / Letters

Free speech: The right of all, no POV should go unheard

To the editor:

This is a response to the editorial “Don’t let it happen in our communities,” in last week’s Courier.

To many residents, what we are witnessing during this presidential campaign year is disturbing. Yet, it is a tradition as old as our country, and it is mild compared to the mud slinging and name calling that occurred back in the 1800s. What is most important and far more concerning is that some people would rather limit our free speech to reflect their point of view.

Across our country, universities that are usually centers of higher learning as well as a bastion new ideas and free expression are being censored by students and teachers. Our youth and many adults are so socially and emotionally frail they can’t tolerate opposing ideas of any sort. Freedom of speech is exactly that. It is the freedom guaranteed by our Constitution that enable us, all of us, to voice an opinion. Unpleasant as it could be at times, this freedom allows us to speak our mind regardless of the fact that some people’s opinions and feelings could be hurt.

We should all be tolerant and open to opinions and political positions even if we do not agree. It seems as if those that espouse freedom, tolerance and acceptance of diversity are the ones that want to restrict our free speech. That is hypocritical. Tolerance is a two-way street, and it must be practiced by all, not just by a few. Restricting our freedom of speech will sooner than later result in other freedoms being eroded and restricted. If that happens, America will dissolve into another totalitarian country where diversity of ideas are punished.

Mike Goyet Saco

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