2016-04-28 / Letters

Candidate supports small business, solutions

To the editor:

On June 14, Saco Democrats will have the opportunity to vote in their primary election and choose candidates to represent them on the Nov. 8 ballot.

I am honored to know Kathie Purdy, a candidate who is running for state representative of District 15. Having known and worked with Kathie for nearly 20 years, I am proud to call her a friend and a mentor. I’ve watched her inspire and motivate people to work together in order to do great things, witnessed her diffuse difficult situations, offer creative solutions and most importantly take a stand against injustices by advocating for those who were unable to effectively advocate for themselves. Kathie is pro-business and understands the importance of fiscal responsibility while at the same time she is a strong supporter of worker’s rights, competitive wages and affordable health care. She is patriotic and supportive of our military, while at the same time is committed to peaceful resolution of conflicts. Kathie is passionate about ending the partisan gridlock and divisiveness being played out across our state and country and seeks to bring positive change through effective communication and leadership.

I own Mainegrocerydelivery.com out of Saco and although I am unable to cast a vote for Kathie Purdy myself, being that I live in another town, I ask that you please consider voting for this remarkable woman. I know she will do great things and will fight tirelessly for the people of Saco.

Ami DeRienzo Scarborough

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