2016-05-12 / Letters

Candidate has been a leader among legislators

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Barry Hobbins for state Senate. Politicians come and go, and some of them in Augusta spend a lot of time trying to convince us that they are working hard for us. Barry Hobbins does work hard, but he doesn’t waste any of our time promoting himself. He does his job. In fact, he does his job as well as any state legislator I’ve known in my decades of local politics.

Nobody in this race has Barry’s skills, knowledge, leadership, energy, integrity and relationships necessary to get things done. He won’t boast about his accomplishments or post selfies all day long, he just keeps on doing the heavy lifting for us. It would be a tragic mistake for voters to disregard such a valuable and effective public servant.

Art Tardif Former Saco city councilor

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