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Lots for teens at McArthur Library
By Brooke Faulkner

A youth librarian friend once told me that she mentally tallied each participant in her teen programs as being equal to five attendees at library events she designed for other age groups. At the time, I laughed at this idea but over the years, I’ve come to think she was wiser than I realized. By the time they are in middle school, many young people have a barrage of activities with which they’re involved after school and in the evenings – from sports to theater to after-school jobs – a fact that I often bemoan to the Book Ninjas, the teen book group at McArthur, when trying to find a time that they are actually available to meet. Why must they be so well-rounded?!

However, despite the difficulty involved in scheduling it, the Book Ninjas is a group that I adore – avid teen readers meet at the library monthly to enjoy snacks and talk about whatever they are reading and to choose from a wide selection of advanced reader copies (ARCs) of upcoming books geared for teens. These look like paperback books and are produced by publishers during the proofing stage. They can’t be added to the library’s collection or sold, but are like candy for the intelligent, funny teens that are part of this group, who often delight at being able to read a book they’ve been looking forward to months before it hits the shelves in the library or at the bookstore. The Book Ninjas’ next meeting is 3 to 4 p.m. Friday, May 27 at McArthur Library so if you or someone you know in grades six to 12 is a huge reader and wants to give it a try, come check it out.

For those who enjoy reading but may not want to be part of a book discussion group, we are just a few weeks from the start of our Summer Reading Program for 2016 – Get in the Game at McArthur Library. This one isn’t just for teens, but for people of all ages (and when we say all ages we mean it – from infants to adults). Beginning mid-June, come in and sign up to earn prizes simply by keeping track of reading whatever you enjoy. If you’ve got the time, there are also lots of fun events that go along with summer reading, including weekly activities for children and teens.

Of course, the library is not just about books, but aspires to provide all kinds of media and recreation to the community. To this end, there is Teen Random Fandom, which invites middle and high schoolers to meet twice a month to watch and talk about their favorite imaginary worlds from TV shows, movies and books and comics like “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock,” “Supernatural,” “Batman,” “Star Wars,” “Smallville,” “Harry Potter” and others. We decide at each meeting what we’ll focus on next – teens can join in the next one 2:30 to 4 p.m. Monday, May 23.

Whatever your interests, there is plenty to check out at McArthur – and we’d love to hear from you!

Brooke Faulkner is teen services librarian at McArthur Library in Biddeford.

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