2016-05-26 / Letters

Candidate has strong environmental record

To the editor:

As the owner of a preschool that teaches young children about environmental concepts, being connected with what is around us, and respecting nature and animals, it means a lot to me when our leaders care about conservation in our own backyard.

Justin Chenette is my choice to be our next senator because he doesn’t just talk about caring about the environment, his record and actions prove it.

He constantly gets high marks from Maine Conservation Voters for his strong environmental voting record in Augusta. He is the only candidate in this race being endorsed by the Sierra Club. They endorsed Justin because he votes to protect our natural resources-based economy. He voted to invest in alternative energy power like solar and wind. He doesn’t just believe in global climate change, he takes action by co-sponsoring bills pertaining to preparing for rising sea levels.

Environmental sustainability, what we have, what we do now, affects later generations, so creating a greener generation that’s more educated only helps the long term for a healthier greener community. Justin gets that.

It’s very hard today to trust political leaders because we’re not sure they can walk the walk and talk the talk. But Justin Chenette is that person. I’ve watched Justin think globally and act locally. He is the only candidate I trust with something as precious as our environment.

Michelle Goulet

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