2016-05-26 / Letters

Candidate has the right kind of experience

To the editor:

There were many concerns back when Justin Chenette first ran for public office, when he was 21, about his experience, but he proved them all wrong. There is no one that works harder for our community than Justin.

Now he has four years under his belt being in the Maine Legislature. Take it from me, having run multiple businesses, after a couple years of doing a job you either know it or you don’t. Justin knows what we need and what our community needs. The best kind of experience you can get is listening to the voices of the people. That is something I promise you Justin does. He is a hands-on type of leader.

He was the only legislator who spent time trying to save the Saco Drive-In with me when I was managing it. Justin spearheaded our efforts in Saco and across the state to make sure we were doing everything we could to galvanize support for converting to digital technology and keep our doors open.

It was beyond him. It was really about helping me preserve a landmark. I will be forever grateful to Justin Chenette for his dedication to the cause. That is the type of experience that is needed in Augusta and what we need to continue on the local level. Join me to voting for Justin Chenette as our next senator. A vote for Justin is a vote well spent.

Ry Russell

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