2016-06-02 / Community News

Rotarians install ramp at Ballpark

In July 2015, the Rotary Club of Saco Bay received a district grant for an Americans with Disability Act-approved ramp at The Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach. The Ballpark was built in 1984 and has a seating capacity of 5,500; however, it lacked any accessibility for individuals who are unable to negotiate stairs. Even though The Ballpark is no longer a Major League Baseball stadium it is still used for many baseball games and for other activities such as concerts, festivals and community events.

The estimated budget for the project was $4,000 and anticipated financial contributions for this project were as follows: Rotary Club of Saco Bay ($1,000) and District 7780 ($3,000). During a long process of obtaining permits many changes to the ramp design were necessary. These required changes increased the estimated budget to $8,000. The process of dealing with the budget and increased cost caused many members additional work to resolve the situation.

Rotary Club of Saco Bay members pulled together to resolve issues and make it happen. Neighboring Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco jumped in and donated $1,000 to the project while local businesses, when asked, gave discounts or donated material.

The Rotary Club of Saco Bay members volunteered 355 hours constructing the ramp, which has an equivalent value of $8,595. Members of the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco volunteered about 10 hours, and members of the Rotary Club of Saco Bay Sunset volunteered about 30 hours. The club received material donations for about $5,000 from the following businesses: Hancock Lumber, Kennebunk, Eldredge Lumber & Hardware, PATCO Construction, Inc. and DuraLife. Thanks to donations, the group ended up using only $4,000, which was estimated in the grant application.

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