2016-06-02 / Letters

Candidate can organize

To the editor:

I met Laurie Dobson during a trip to York to canvass for Bernie Sanders. She was running the Sanders’ field office out of the home of a local volunteer. With her stellar organizing skills, we canvassed more than 1,000 homes and helped York “feel the Bern.”

I met many organizers on the campaign trail and canvassed in four different states. In all that time, perhaps no one made as strong an impression on me as Laurie Dobson. Laurie spoke of her time organizing in the Kennebunkport area and her willingness to stand up for peace, justice and working families. Her encouragement and willingness to organize has inspired me to run myself, hopefully in 2018. Since speaking with her then, I have seen her go to bat for Bernie at the statewide caucus where she spoke to abolish superdelegates, and I have heard about her activism work to preserve the rights of Maine citizens to their own water against bottling companies.

My sister and many of my friends live or have lived in the beautiful state of Maine. Like my home state of Vermont, it is a place where the needs of locals and working class people often clash with the wishes of those who have money and power and would use the beautiful, rural New England landscape to make a quick buck or quash the needs and concerns of those who must live in sometimes harsh conditions year-round. Laurie Dobson understands and values the needs of Mainers and has shown herself to be a strong, powerful and wise voice for a state I often consider a sister to my own and that is a home to many of my dearest friends and relations.

Katherine R. Isham
North Hero, Vermont

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