2016-06-02 / Letters

Candidate is authentic

To the editor:

In today’s political landscape, one of the things that is missing with our leaders is authenticity and really serving the people that they were elected to represent. I feel that Justin Chenette embodies those principals wholeheartedly.

Justin is a graduate of Thornton Academy and always comes back to school to offer students a chance to learn about the political process, answer questions and takes time to really listen to what you are saying and what’s important.

As a single mom, what matters are issues that are important to women and also ensuring that my son has a bright, prosperous future. It’s vital that everyone’s opinion is heard and that everyone has a voice. Justin advocates for things that are common sense and embody what the heart and soul of our community and our state is really about.

It’s really not about the person that is elected, it’s about the people. For Justin, it’s never been about him. It’s been about helping people. Justin has served the past four years as state representative with distinction and selflessness. It’s time we vote to send him to the Senate on June 14.

Dr. Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

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