2016-06-02 / Letters

Skills as social worker needed

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to formally endorse Susan Deschambeault for Maine State Senate District 32 for the primary election on June 14.

Susan was a career social worker for Maine Correctional Facility for 43 years. She first worked with juvenile females, then moved to adult woman and finally with co-ed adults. As a social worker in a correctional facility, she endured disrespectful clients and a rigid bureaucracy, but she still maintained her professional demeanor. She recognized her client’s strengths and encouraged them to be productive residents. She focused on educating her clients to acquire the necessary social skills to avoid reincarceration.

Here are some examples of Susan’s actions promoting growth for Maine Citizens:

 As a newly elected senator, Susan had 100 percent attendance to the state Senate sessions.

 She voted to override Gov. Paul LePage’s Narcan bill allowing families to possess medication to avoid deaths from overdoes.

 She voted to retain tax credits for solar energy as a way to increase renewable energy and attempt to create 600 jobs. Unfortunately, there lacked enough votes to override Gov. LePage’s veto.

 She voted in favor of River View employees to increase their wages as a way to retain quality staff.

Most importantly, Susan will use her social work skills to effectively communicate with her opponents, and educate people as to why she votes certain ways. She will promote effective Department of Health and Welfare policies the will support growth for Maine’s most vulnerable people.

Ron Paquette

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