2016-06-09 / Letters

Candidate speaks up for residents, always has

To the editor:

I have known Joanne Twomey for many years. I served with her on the Biddeford City Council and as a cochairman of the high school renovation project committee. I’ve worked with her on campaigns and on other issues affecting Biddeford and its people. In all those cases I have not met anyone as dedicated to and passionate about working for the residents of Biddeford.

The countless hours of research about incineration and incinerators long before MERC was a major issue in Biddeford. Fighting for air and water quality in Biddeford. A strong supporter of public access television in Biddeford in the early stages of its development. A major reason the public had a voice at city meetings and in city hall. As mayor she was a major help in getting the high school renovation before the residents for a vote. She fought hard to keep the taxes in Biddeford reasonable so the elderly and others could afford to stay in their homes. And she got a major entertainment venue project passed by the voters before the Maine Legislature and local representatives overruled our local decision.

As a state representative she fought for property tax assistance, the environment, education and equality for all our residents. She spoke up when her party didn’t fulfill its promises and she worked across the aisle with Republicans as well as Democrats.

I’m not a major defender of political parties and I don’t agree with any politician every time but I admire Joanne for her hard work, passion and refusal to give up on an issue that affects her constituents. She’s got the experience, knows the Legislature and is the best choice for the Senate District 32 seat by far. I trust her to be the best voice for District 32. Please join me in supporting her in the Democrat primary on June 14.

Howard Hanson Biddeford

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