2016-06-09 / Letters

Official has found way around term limits

To the editor:

I am voting for Justin Chenette for state senator in the Democratic primary on June 14. He has been my state representative for the last four years and is filled with passion and enthusiasm. Although his primary opponent has done a good job in the past representing Saco, his opponent has served as both a senator and a representative for 26 years.

Our Legislature is supposed to be a part-time resident Legislature. That is one of the reasons we have term limits. In theory, an elected official would serve up to eight years in the House and then could serve up to another eight years in the Senate and be done. For some legislators that is not enough and they go back and forth between House and the Senate skirting the term limit rules. How are we supposed to get new faces and new ideas when elected officials treat this as their lifetime career?

Although many people are elected to the Senate without any legislative experience, Justin has the experience and knowledge to serve in the Senate. Having served for four years in the House, he has legislative committee and procedural knowledge as a member of the Criminal Justice Committee and the State & Local Government Committee. He has served on the State Board of Education. He has worked tirelessly in Augusta and in the community making the contacts necessary to help his constituents.

Justin represents a new generation of people willing to step up to the plate to serve. Let’s respect the original idea of terms limits and support Justin Chenette for state Senate on June 14. He offers experience, knowledge, energy and a willingness to work directly with his constituents.

Jeff Descoteaux Saco

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