2016-06-16 / Letters

City council comes through

To the editor:

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for those following the Young School construction debate. There have been years of discussions and meetings about the best plan, heated arguments in school board meetings about the benefits of small vs. consolidated schools, and lots of back and forth about how it should be paid for, by who and when. In a time of fiscal constraint and a vocal antitax movement, the Saco City Council did a courageous thing at their meeting on June 6. Despite some personal reservations or opposition, they voted unanimously to send a bond to the Saco voters, so that we can decide what is best for our city. This is democracy at work.

In the months ahead, it is all of our jobs to educate ourselves about the current state of Young School, the state of city taxes, existing debt retirement and any potential alternatives to the plan presented in the bond. We have a decision to make that will affect the city for years. There is likely to be a lot of debate and discussion still in front of us – the fate of Young School is not yet certain. However, it is important to keep in mind the final comment that Councilor Mark Johnston made before the vote: “All we want to do is what is best for the people of Saco.” That is something I hope we can all agree on.

Mike Burman Saco

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