2016-06-30 / Editorial

Fundraising goal not only met, but exceeded

By Leslie Rounds

Here is a smattering of odds and ends. None of these things are big enough to require a full 500 words, but all of them are, nonetheless, ever so important. Please read on.

The Next Generation Conservation Campaign: You may have noticed that the big thermometer outside Dyer Library that was marking our progress toward raising the match of $100,000 has suddenly spouted mercury out the top. OK, it’s not mercury; it’s red foam board, but you get the idea. Thanks to the remarkable generosity of so many, we raised just over $105,000. The Next Generation people were so impressed with how you donated that they didn’t match the $100,000. Instead, they matched the full $105,000. So now we are ready to move forward on the project.

The Project: This is going to require enormous patience from our neighbors. We want to convert the library and museum to geothermal heating and cooling. Because the Earth is so very willing to share its bounty with us in the form of heat and coolness that lies beneath the ground, geothermal heating can actually function at a remarkable level of efficiency. What that means is that we won’t have to spend about $40,000 a year on heating oil, but will get energy from the ground, thus not having to spew lots of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of oil. While all of that is thrilling, to get at the underground heat we have to dig wells. They’ll be located on the non-parking lot sides of our buildings and for about two weeks it’s not exactly going to be quiet around here – hence our need for great patience.

“Music in the Park”-ing Lot: On Thursday evenings for the next six weeks, July 7 through Aug. 11. We’ll be collaborating with Saco Main Street to present a series of family friendly concerts in our parking lot. Why there? Surprisingly, Saco apparently doesn’t have a lot of great open spaces for this kind of thing – at least ones that are available “for free.” About 5:30 p.m. on each of those evenings, we’ll be closing our parking lot. Parking will be available behind the library on Middle Street or in the C.K. Burns’ parking lots. We’re sorry for the inconvenience to our customers, but excited that these summer concerts are going to be a fun way to get together and enjoy some fine live music.

The annual book sale: Hey, that’s coming right up. It opens this year on Saturday, July 30 at 9:30 a.m. You know that the first day is a giant rush with lots of shoppers and the very best selection of thousands of books, well-sorted for your shopping pleasure. But, if you don’t like a crowd, the sale goes on all the following week, and finally ends on Monday, Aug. 8. It’s an important fundraiser for us and a really notable “Fun Raiser” for you. See you there!

The 1866 celebration: We’re still working on plans for this, but two important components of the Saco Museum’s 150th birthday will be a family friendly event on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 8 that will feature ice cream, games and other fun stuff. The second component will be Mill Girls’ Night Out, on Saturday night Oct. 1, which will include a painting lesson, flashlight tours of the mills, adult beverages and other fun stuff. Watch closely for more information on both.

The children’s summer reading program: Everyone knows that kids should spend at least a pleasant chunk of their summertime reading good books. Please visit our website for information on our summer reading program and all the fun events that our children’s librarians have lined up for you. We look forward to seeing you.

Leslie Rounds is executive director of Dyer Library/Saco Museum.

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