2016-07-14 / Letters

Fight back against governor’s attacks

To the editor:

In recent days, Gov. Paul LePage has proclaimed a little war against the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Thus far the governor has attacked the organization by name more than 80 times in speeches, interviews and written messages. He has denigrated members of the organization while announcing the Natural Resources Council of Maine is an enemy that has got to go.

Natural Resources Council of Maine consists of Maine residents working together for clean air and water, renewable energy, wildlife habitat, conserving and making Maine’s communities sustainable through jobs and lives that depend on a healthy Maine environment.

If you value Maine’s and sand healthy forests, desire clean energy, clean water and a wonderful, more healthful way of life, please add your support to the organization’s counter attack against the governor’s vicious and senseless attacks.

Please call Natural Resources Council of Maine at (800) 287-2345, visit nrcm.org or write to 3 Wade St., Augusta, ME 04330.

Let’s work together to make Maine better, healthier and more prosperous.

Norman and Anne Davidson Saco

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