2016-07-21 / Letters

It’s candidate’s legacy to help others, community

To the editor:

I’m supporting Matt Lauzon to be my state representative. I’ve known him since he was a kid when I coached against his dad in Biddeford youth football.

I remember a season when Matt’s team was ahead of us in the standings and our chance to face their team got rained out. They could have said no but Matt’s dad was the kind of guy that had too much honor to take that road. He cared much more about the values he instilled in the kids he coached, including his son. As I’ve gotten to know Matt as an adult he reminds me of his dad. He cares about kids, he cares about his community and he’s always there to help those in need. The same way his dad found ways to serve the community I’m not surprised to see Matt doing the same.

Matt is the type of guy who will meet with anyone and listen to a person’s point of view. He doesn’t care what side of the tracks you come from, he cares about your integrity and what he can do to help. I’ve seen it firsthand, many times, where one of the first things he asks someone he meets is “what can I do to help?” and then he delivers. If you want someone who will truly represent the voices of his community you should vote for Matt Lauzon. You will not be disappointed.

Ronald Therrien Biddeford

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