2016-07-28 / Letters

Geography should be taught in public schools

To the editor:

Geography education in America has been a laughing joke to everyone outside our little patriotic bubble. That is why I am suggesting that York County schools, including CK Burns, Saco Middle School and Thornton Academy (my alma maters), teach more geography in class. Why? Because the world matters. Because now more than ever, we have a global economy that demands students and employees alike to know which country is where. More free trade agreements have strengthened international business connections. In a few short years, an Asian country by the name of China will dethrone America as the top economy in the world. Cyber capabilities are sending service jobs abroad and vice versa. These are just few reasons why our children and our youths need to learn more geography.

This issue came to my attention because I currently have a younger brother attending CK Burns. He is a fifth grader and he did not know where Mexico was located on a world map. This is embarrassing to admit about my younger brother, but it should be even more embarrassing to those responsible for our public education system. I know my brother is not the most attentive kid in the world, but I believed him when he adamantly defended himself saying, “We never learned this or other countries in school!” Upon hearing this, I felt ill to my stomach, and thought I’d share my thoughts on the issue. With that, I implore schoolteachers and those who are involved in creating public education curriculums to incorporate more geography. There is a world outside America, and it is becoming more relevant.

Kwonsun Jung Saco

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