2016-08-04 / Letters

Is more attention paid to downtown than other areas?

To the editor:

Biddeford Mayor Alan Casavant has devoted most of his administration’s time to the downtown area. Yet the city’s commercial tax base isn’t located there. The largest taxpayers in the city are located in the southern part of Biddeford and far from the city’s center.

They are:
Marketbasket $43,382
Flower’s Foods Bakery $17,818
Walmart $17,818
CMP $16,441
BVH LLC Shopping Center $13,636

The downtown has shown little meaningful tax revenue growth commercially. These figures are per the 2015 city financial statement. In 2011, when Mayor Casavant took office, the largest taxpayers were:

MERC $54,953
Biddeford Crossing $37,302
IBC Bakery $36,379
Walmart $18,309
BVH LLC $13,636

Additionally the largest employers in Biddeford are not located downtown. They are:

SMMC Hospital 1,887
UNE 796
Marketbasket 315
AVX 290
Walmart 275

In 2011 the city purchased MERC at considerable expense to Biddeford taxpayers. It is now 2016 and the land where our largest taxpayer once stood is vacant and city-owned producing no tax revenue. Where is the bonanza of tax revenue from the downtown area that the mayor promised us?

Howard Hanson and Craig Cantara Concerned Citizens of Biddeford

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