2016-08-11 / Letters

Experience with former Unit 91 owner, ‘simply hell’

To the editor:

I am one of the condominium owners on Saco Island and I must tell you that I take exception to the article written in the July 28 edition regarding Unit 91. The city has been working with our condominium association and others on the island to find solutions to several outstanding issues, most of which were caused by the former developers, who made many promises that went unfulfilled.

The last thing we want is more years of an irresponsible party owning one quarter of our association. These past years have led to delayed repairs, special assessments, legal fees and lots of frustration. This a beautiful property along the Saco River and a responsible owner would be an asset to all of Saco and the mill district. We certainly don’t want more of what occurred over the past eight or nine years. Our association has lost more than $300,000 to the former own/developer of Unit 91.

I want to go on record as stating that the major reason we find ourselves in a situation with the city having a direct involvement in our condominium association is because the prior owners of Unit 91 failed to do what they committed to do and failed to live up to their responsibilities. Our association took the property in lieu of foreclosure. The last seven or eight years when Unit 91 was controlled by Kevin Mattson and his partners, well, they were simply hell.

Margaret White Saco

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