2016-08-25 / Letters

Candidate isn’t part of ‘establishment’

To the editor:

I was born and raised in Biddeford (go Tigers) My mother lived in Biddeford her whole life until I took her into my new home in New Gloucester last year. She worked in the mills folding towels. My father, who recently passed, lived in Biddeford most of his life and worked in a factory to support us. Their parents also lived in Biddeford. I say this to let you know why Biddeford – and Maine – is so important to me. And why, once again, I am inspired to show my support for our Independent candidate for state representative in Biddeford’s District 12. Matt Lauzon has not only shown us that he seeks the truth, but also that he speaks the truth.

What inspired me today? My ridiculous electric bill. And I’m not the only one complaining. I don’t know anyone who isn’t. Businesses outside of Maine don’t want to move or expand into Maine because it is too costly. Those businesses already here struggle to keep up. And Martin Grohman keeps voting to maintain these high costs that drive business away. Matt sees the possibilities and knows that improving the cost of energy is one of the primary ways we can grow business and jobs in Maine.

My daughters will be in college in just one short year. Do they plan to stay in Maine? Probably not. They envision big futures for themselves and can’t fathom how they get there if they stay in Maine.

I like Matt Lauzon not only because I believe him to be honest, but also because he isn’t part of the system, part of the establishment. We have a handful of people like that in our Legislature and desperately need more. We need someone willing to do the research and go to the mat for us. Matt is that guy. He is tireless. Anyone that takes the time to get to know him sees that he has boundless energy to support Biddeford and Maine. He’s sharp. He’s educated. He’s created success. He cares.

Go ahead, Mr. (Martin) Grohman, accept a debate with Matt Lauzon. He keeps asking but I see no reply. What are you avoiding? The truth? Being seen as part of the Biddeford oligarchy?

Barbra Thompson New Gloucester

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