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Mediation is a voluntary settlement process...

Ms. Kathryn McHugh, family attorney and mediator, understands that a major life change, such as divorce, needs to be handled sensitively. Her 20-plus years in family law and mediation makes her just the person to help you through such a transition. "There is an effective alternative to settle divorces other than courtroom battles," said Ms. McHugh, whose office is at River Gate on Saco Island.

"Mediation is a voluntary settlement process," she said, adding that it's also a more affordable option than litigation. "In mediation, a mediator assists the participants in having difficult conversations, but they can resolve conflicts in such a way that makes sense to them, rather than relying on the court to make certain decisions for them. Being in a courtroom often adds additional stress to an already stressful life transition. "This way, couples can control the decisions that affect their children and their finances that will shape the next chapter in their life.”

Ms. McHugh was a psychotherapist for 10 years before becoming an attorney. She's a mediator for the District Courts in Springvale, Biddeford and Portland and is also a Guardian ad litem for the same courts. Ms. McHugh is a parent coordinator for those parents who need assistance co-parenting their children. "Emotions usually run high as people go through these life changes and the decisions that have to be made often are overwhelming,” she said. "I believe that people, even when they're upset, can make good, sound decisions," she added. "People like to know they're in control of their lives when it may feel like so many other aspects are out of control. Mediation is also a transparent process in that the participants bring all relevant facts and documents to the session(s) that are necessary in reaching resolutions. Ms. McHugh often helps couples with temporary agreements when participating in mediation: "How do we tell the kids? How do we move out? Who pays what bills in the interim?"

Ms. McHugh also offers limited scope representation: Unbundled legal services designed to provide clients an affordable, low cost option for self help with limited, but professional, legal advice for a flat rate.

To learn more about that and other services offered visit www.mainefamilymediator.com. For more information, call 207-747-1515. The office of Kathryn M. McHugh, Esquire, is located at River Gate at Saco Island., Suite 1300 G, Saco, Maine.

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