2016-09-22 / Letters

Interview with artist a pleasure to read

To the editor:

One of the pleasures of my annual summer vacation in Ocean Park is reading the Courier. I particularly enjoyed reading about artist Frank Handlen in the Sept. 15 issue and his upcoming 100th birthday. Writer Wm. Harrington wisely let his subject speak at length, giving the reader a sense of the man and his era.

As I read Mr. Handlen’s story, I saw similarities between him and my late dad, who also lived to 100. Like Handlen, my father’s “official” birthdate was different from the date his mother had recorded. When he turned 100, his sister Alice, 98, claimed he was actually 101. Back in those days, at the turn of the century, people recorded important dates in the family Bible. Once a year, a member of the family visited city hall to record the births and deaths. Things sometimes got lost in translation.

Another similarity between Mr. Handlen and my dad is disposition. My father was even-tempered; rarely was he agitated. Mr. Handlen claims he lives a tranquil life. Obviously this wasn’t always the case. However, I suspect, after reading his observations about life, that he too has an even-tempered disposition. I imagine this contributes greatly to his longevity and current active lifestyle.

Thanks for shining a light on this worthy resident. May the spark of his creativity never die out.

Sharon Love Cook Beverly, Massachusetts

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