2016-09-29 / Letters

Candidate shows leadership in Biddeford

To the editor:

Last week I attended a community forum. More than 100 people were there and many watched from home. The speakers were open and connected with the audience. The moderator made sure the event focused on the positive. It made me very proud to live in Biddeford.

I want to thank the man who put this together. His name is Matthew Lauzon and he is running for District 12 state representative. He didn’t comment for the press, he allowed others to shine. He invited city leadership and politicians and he didn’t bash them when they didn’t show up. None of them showed up, not one.

This is real leadership. Last night brought many people together and healed many wounds. Biddeford needs leadership like we saw last night. Biddeford needs Matthew Lauzon.

Dennis Munroe Biddeford

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